Numerical model validation

Blastech offers a high fidelity testing facility for validation of numerical modelling. our link with academia means that the requirement for high quality controlled testing, incorporating leading edge technology and analysis is embedded in both personnel and processes.

Blast testing services

Internal and external blast arenas available on site allow Blastech to offer a range of blast testing services. Charges up to 5kg may be handled as stand-alone tests with 2kg charges being utilised in intensive test programmes. Tests including combined blast and fragmentation may also be accommodated.

Ballistic and impact testing services

Utilising the ranges and facilities available on site, Blastech are able to test a range of components against ballistic impact, from structural panels to personal protection systems. Using novel techniques and cutting edge imaging systems an in depth diagnosis of sample response may be conducted and interpreted.

Experiment design

World leaders in the field of blast and impact, the Blastech team operates on the cutting edge of research and offer a trials planning and experiment design service.

Trials management

Blastech’s key staff have a combined 58 years experience of designing, conducting and interpreting results from blast and impact trials. This experience is available to clients for the management of trials on a worldwide basis